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I had been looking for a massage therapist who could do deep tissue for a long time when I came across aTouchofSam. Sam first spent time with me to understand my needs and medical history.  We discussed what "deep tissue" massage meant and how she does it.  I came to her with a very sore neck and back muscles from sitting in a position starring at my computer for two days doing some serious data entry.  I paid for it two days later with very tight muscles, barely able to turn my head from side to side.  She spent a lot of time working these muscles.  The result was great.  She also took time after the massage to discuss her findings and make some suggestions.  I have already booked monthly sessions with her through the end of the year. ~Hewuti 08.02.19

Samantha is incredibly personable, intuitive in her touch and one of the best massages I've had. She's strong enough for deep tissue but sensitive to where that might not be necessary. I absolutely loved it. ~Jordan R. 05.27.19


"Getting my massage by Sam was just the best; she knows how to ask the right questions to help focus in on the areas of your body that need work on. The way I felt after it was done was totally relaxed and more limber than when I went in. I would highly recommend her for your next message"  ~Phylis Mantelli 08.14.17 

"Sam is Amazing!  5 out of 5 stars ~Stacey 08.22.17

"TLDR: Sam is an amazing massage therapist and healer. I am so thankful to have found a reliable, effective, efficient, and caring person in Sam. Life continuously tries to pull me apart and, week after week, she puts me back together. She is always on time and her smile is contagious.

FULL STORY: I met Sam at a chiropractor in Gilroy in January 2017, where I was being treated for lower back and ankle problems that I have had for the past few years after a fall walking my dogs. To qualify: When I say I had lower back pain, I mean the type of pain that I would not ANYONE, not even my husband … whom I’ve known for 22 years … touch my lower back.

In our first several sessions, we tried a few different styles from Sam’s diverse repertoire (like “Shiatsu” and “Tui Na” massage) to see what worked best for me. I found that the 90-minute “circulatory massage for full body” works most reliably for me, so she can focus on whatever is ailing me any particular week. When I am below the “wellness line” or feeling otherwise stressed out, I have also experienced the “Raindrop” technique massage … and let me tell you, if you have haven’t had this one, it is a must! I feel world’s better after these sessions.

A few days ago, I passed out, fell, and bruised my tail bone. Sam knew exactly where I was sore from simply “listening to my muscles”. She gave me much more mobility and relief from the pain I was experiencing. I trust Sam … she will not push too hard on tender areas and will always warn me when she needs to apply extra pressure.

Without Sam’s expertise, I would not be able to care for my elderly, handicapped mother or my three dogs. Sam’s care allows me to get my life back instead of spending nights on the couch or in bed.

Come see Sam … you won’t regret it!!!" ~ Alice 10.24.17